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Shake Dog Potty

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Product Description

Product Description

Shake Dog Potty is the most convenient method for a dog to use. Much more efficient than pee pads, that can be expensive. Its easy to empty and so much more easy to clean. Your dog will feel happy and secure, knowing he has a place where he can do his business. When you are delayed coming home, you will have piece of mind that your pet's needs are met. Shake Potty is hygienic, odor and stain resistant. As it has a built in ultra fresh antimicrobial protection. It won't harm your floors as it has a tight seal and is slightly raised to protect them from any damage. Shake Dog Potty folds easily and can be taken anywhere. Plus it's design is stylish and patent pending.


* Gentle on paws.

* Very portable.

* No messy cleanup.

* Special antimicrobial agent.

* Natural bristle brush included.

* Train your dog to use easily.

* Suitable for dogs of all sizes.

* When folded measures; 17" L x 18.5" W x 2.75" D

* When opened measures; 33" L x 18.5" W x 1.5" D

No Mess No Stress:

Shake Dog Potty is named because of its simple cleaning method. There are four hidden latches to lock it. Just add water and shake and flip a few times. Then dispose in the toilet. Voila! Do this daily to keep it fresh and clean. Because of it slim design you can fit it under most faucets, when a hose is not available. Once every month or so you can give it a more thorough cleaning with a mild detergent using the special bristle brush provided.

Take It Anywhere:

Shake Dog Potty is so easy to take along on family visits or road trips. Your dog will always have a familiar place to go. Its neat patent pending style will not be an offensive sight, as it blends with any décor. It easily seals tight for a mess free cleanup. The grate comes off for simple disposal of poo. It can be safely stored in your car trunk until it is convenient to empty.

Training Is Easy:

Just keep Shake Dog Potty in the same place in your home and show your dog where it is. Assure him its okay, by leaving a pee pad there or feces and as he get used to it, he will be comfortable knowing you approve. And he will use it when he can't get outside. So you won't need anymore of those messy pee pads ever again. Not only will you save money, now you can be confident that you have really done your best for your special dog.

Product Videos

Modko - Shake Dog Potty Overview 01:00

Learn more about the Shake Dog Potty at modko.com The Shake Dog Potty is stylish, easy to clean, and portable. It is there when you’re not, providing a comfortable, familiar spot for your dog to go when you’re on the go. It’s handsome and sleek enough to leave out, so that your dog has the freedom to use it when the need is urgent. Its patent-pending design enables you to effortlessly seal the unit tight for mess-free cleanup, and it’s so simple to fold that you won’t think twice about taking it on the road or stowing it away when you don't need it. Plus, you will never need to use pee pads again, which reduces waste and saves you money! The Shake Dog Potty is extremely solid and made to support pets of any breed or size but is perfect for puppies and small to mid-sized dogs up to 40lbs.

  • Modko - Shake ...
    Learn more about the Shake Dog Potty at modko.com The Shake D...

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