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Letter S by Catworks

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Product Description

Introducing the The Alphabet collection by Catworks. The collection includes 8 letters of alphabet - A, C, G, M, O, R, S and T. These hand-made solitaires are inspired by and designed in the shape of alphabet letters, and the ergonomic lines of the pieces create carve out a sanctuary of comfort and fun for cats and add add unique character to the whole interior. Each of the letters has different combination of functional elements - resting areas, hideaways and scratchpads. Catworks is a Czech brand of design furniture for cats. Products are handmade solitaires in the shape of alphabet letters.

Functional elements - 2 resting areas, 1 hideaway, 1 scratchpadMain construction - made of chipboard, fiberboard and other wooden base materials. The scratchpad is made of natural sisal.Soft parts - technical polystyreneCover - durable, water-clean, synthetic fabric: 21% cotton, 40% polyester, 39% nylonThe upholstery is made of durable, water clean, synthetic fabric that can be easily reupholstered. Catworks products are fully recyclable.Custom made in Czech RepublicVariable placement options

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9 kg; 37 x 37 x 68 cm (W x D x H)

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