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Flashy by Zippy Dynamics

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Product Description

Dog suit "Flashy" by Zippy Dynamics - Purchase this cool looking outfit and your dog will make a bold fashion statement. With Zippy Dynamics patented technology, he with have full range of motion to run, play and look stylish as he accessorizes with the flamboyant scarf.  Not only will your dog be the talk of the town. You will have the peace of mind that he has protection from the elements as well as feeling comfortable, in his full body suit. Suitable for wear in,  spring, summer fall and mild winter weather.


  • Elegant black color in a modern design.
  • Removable scarf choose from multicolor or polka dots.
  • Resists wear and tear made of durable long lasting material.
  • Full body protection and completely adjustable.
  • Memory fabric that protects from wrinkling.
  • Lightweight breathable design.
  • Outside shell is water resistant (80% polyester & 20% Cotton).
  • Four zippers at the pant leg bottoms.
  • Four vertical cords for adjusting pant length.
  • Two horizontal cords to adjust to body length and groin.
  • The back zipper is lined so it won't pull or pinch his fur.
  • Slip it over his head easily with the with the latch at his neck.
  • Available in medium and med/large sizes.

Flashy dog suit from Zippy Dynamics really lives up to its name. Your dog will look flashy in comfort and style. This dog suit is easy to adjust with four zippers on the pants and four vertical cords. Two cords run horizontally on the sides to adjust to his body length and groin. The two elastic inserts adds flexibility and provide unrestricted movement. The outside shell protects from rain wind and snow as well as insects mud and dirt. When you and your dog are out and about you will feel very pleased with his fashionable look and happy that he is completely protected and comfortable.

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