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Flip Litter Box by Modko
Flip Litter Box by Modko
Our Price: $120.00

The Flip Litter Box gets its name from its hinged, magnetic lid which effortlessly opens with a finger and gratifyingly shuts with a snap. Flip the lid once for daily scooping, flip twice for more thorough clean-ups.
The Designer Catbox by Designer Pet Products
The Designer Catbox Litter Box by Designer Pet Products
Our Price: $144.95
Limited Quantity (1 Left) $139.95
Savings: $5.00

Now you don't have to compromise! The Designer Catbox is a perfect solution to help keep your litter box concealed, but easily accessible to your cats. This elegant piece of furniture is a stylish addition to any home, and also helps to minimize odor and prevent litter from being kicked out onto the floor. The patented design of the Designer Catbox features an interior panel that prevents litter from being kicked out onto the floor. Made with high quality wood pieces, the Designer Catbox is a fully functional cat litter box with storage for your litter accessories. The litter pan, litter scoop and other accessories are completely hidden from family and guests. Also included is a hook to hold the litter scoop.
The Designer Catbox is easily assembled, and comes with detailed instructions. For setup, you will need a Phillip's head screwdriver.
Mox Litter Tower by ModernCat Designs
Mox Litter Tower by Modern Cat Designs
List Price: $145.00
Our Price: $149.00

Keep your house clean with this unique litter box design that allows cats to enter easily through the top while keeping dogs at bay. The grated top cleans your cat’s paws on their way out, preventing litter from being tracked onto the floor and around the house. Great for messy cats and big kickers too, the Mox Litter Tower’s sealed design keeps litter inside and prevents leaks and spills.
Modkat Litter Box
Modkat Litter Box
Our Price: $180.00

Every detail of this patented design has been thoughtfully considered. The locking lid acts as a walk-off mat keeping litter off your floors while keeping small dogs from enjoying the "treats" inside. An ergonomic scoop with incorporated brush stows neatly on the side and the reusable litter liner is friendly to your wallet and the environment.
ModernCat Designs Box Litter Hider
Litter Box Hider by Modern Cat Designs
List Price: $255.00
Our Price: $232.00
Savings: $23.00

These designer hiders for liter boxes are sure to be a hit with your fashion conscious kitty. The Litter Box Hider is constructed with a high pressure laminate finish-- which protects it in the event of spills. All the metal pieces are chrome plated and this box features a chrome plated "C" logo. Only top quality materials are used in the construction of this item. All new litter hiders have (2) hooks inside of the box so you can suspend a bag and easily remove waste while not spilling it on the floor.
Large Litter Box Hider by ModernCat Designs
Large Litter Box Hider by ModernCat Designs
List Price: $314.00
Our Price: $288.00
Savings: $26.00

Based on the Contemporary Litter Hider, our Large Litter Box Hider allows you to easily conceal large litter pans and most automatic litter boxes. Two large swinging doors allow you to quickly remove the litter pan for cleaning. A couple of hooks inside allow you to suspend a bag and quickly remove waste. A solid top shelf adds a level of functionality, converting your litter box into a stylish piece of furniture —only you will know!

We use the same proven materials as our original Litter Hider: a stylish chrome plated frame with a dark mahogany, high pressure laminate finish that protects against spills while requiring very little maintenance.
Hush Hush by Julinka
Hush Hush by Julinka
List Price: $950.00
Our Price: $900.00
Savings: $50.00

The Hush Hush is a great solution to the perennial Where Can I Hide the Litter Tray? problem.  On the outside it appears to be a perfectly innocent, cabinet but the doors open to reveal a spacious litter tray, a shelf complete with a fabric mat (which will wipe your cat's feet after the deed has been done), and a handy storage area.  Cats access the litter tray through an entrance in one side of the cabinet, and the slits at the other side provide ventilation and extra light.

Designer Litter Box and Modern Cat Litter Box

Today, pets are like family members in millions of homes. Most people treat them as a child, and this is why, they always try to provide a high end comfort to their pets. Keeping these things in mind, Mod Petlife offers a wide range of designer litter box that easily match up with the decor of your home. Our range of modern cat litter box is easy to clean and offers comfort to your cat. Most of our collection of designer litter box is constructed with a high pressure laminate finish, which protects it, in the event of spills.

So, contact us to get a desired modern cat litter box as per your needs. Our expert team is always here to assist your needs.
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